Health – the Source of Energy
Energy – the Source of Life

Of the industrialized nations, the United States spends the least amount on food… and the most amount on health care (and yet only ranks 37th in health).
Relationship?… many experts believe so.

For many people – and very likely you, since you’re reading this – it’s not because they don’t honestly desire and try to be healthy.
When it comes to health and diet, the endless stream of confusing and seemingly conflicting information grenades hurled at you on a regular basis can be frustrating and numbing.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy life doesn’t need to be Ph.D– complicated.

I believe in cutting through the confusing messages and focusing on the simple things that work… After all, as a species, we haven’t always been this overweight and this disease ridden.

It takes clear, simple information PLUS guidance on how to make meaningful use of it. How to gradually replace not so good habits with better habits.

Sure, you can vow to make radical changes trying to transform yourself into the paragon of the perfect eater, living the perfect lifestyle in the perfect environment. But…
…Modern life isn’t going to part the sea of reality and make that easy or even realistic.
…Besides, how often do radical changes stick?

It’s been shown that we over estimate what we can accomplish in the short term (hence the enthusiastic big New Year’s resolutions and diet of the month programs).
AND, we UNDER estimate what we can accomplish in long term.
By having a clear path and focusing on consistently replacing not so good habits with better habits you can build – and enjoy – a foundation of health.

Ready to upgrade your health habits?

All programs are custom designed for your individual biochemistry.

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I have certainly learned a lot from Sandy Der’s workshops.
They are helping me to change my eating lifestyle little by little which is
the aim for me. I appreciated the techniques, preparation tips, shopping info
and Sandy’s patient explanations and answers to questions.


I appreciated the handouts, the hands–on demonstration, the background
information and explanation about various ingredients and the variety of recipes.
I also appreciate the tips on how to take a shortcut in certain recipes
if you are short on time or ability to get fresh ingredients. I plan to
use many of the recipes to make healthy meals for myself and my family.

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