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Nutrition Educational Presentations and Consulting

With the rising incidence of chronic “lifestyle” diseases, people are naturally concerned with how to keep healthy and stay productive.

For the employer or organization concerned about helping their employees or constituents with preventive health education and support, Better Way To Wellness offers nutrition education presentations and consulting.

Presentations are typically 1 hour in length and can be arranged as a “brown bag” lunch, after–work session or during the business day. Each talk includes handouts, interactivity and opportunities for questions and answers.

Each presentation focuses on helping people understand how their body works, mechanisms for what goes wrong, what you can do to help your body work optimally (heal itself) and how you can support body systems to reduce risk of chronic diseases.

Talks are centered on a specifc theme such as:

  • Basic Nutrition – Model for Good Eating
  • Reducing Cardiovascular Risk
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Basic Immune Support to Reduce Colds and Flu
  • Managing Blood Sugar to Reduce Risk of Diabetes
  • Reducing Cancer Risk
  • Supporting your Body During Allergy Season
  • All About Food Allergies
  • Basics of Weight Management
  • Supplements: Pros/Cons and how to choose the right ones
  • About Peri Menopause/Menopause and How to Reduce Symptoms

*Take a brief peek at a few recent presentations.

I’m located in Oakland, California and available to Bay Area locations.

Contact me by phone or email to schedule an individual or series of presenations.

Email: Sandy {AT}
Oakland, CA

One of the MANY things I appreciate about your workshops, classes,
handouts and recipe print–outs –– they’re meant to be used and enjoyed.
You work hard at making everything so accessible to us folks.
I really, really honor and thank you for this. It’s fun to keep pursuing
healthy foods, when you keep offering up adventures… Great Foods & Tastes
from all over the world. And easy to do at home. Just follow Sandy’s recipe!
It’s very, very great.
~ Erika Reynolds


I appreciated the food, Sandy’s sense of humor. I really like this class and will
return to the Cooking Club in the future. We are lucky to have such a resource as Sandy.


I appreciated that Sandy added in some biochemistry and nutritional information.
I’ve only gone to one class (so far) and it was great.


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